First Winter Visit

The call of Feträ was just too much, and it had been far too long since a visit, so we decided that a quick day trip was in order.  We were not sure how much snow there would be, or the condition of the road, but the sun was shining and Feträ was calling.

Upon arriving, we had to park on the highway, as the road had not been plowed and there was several feet of snow still on the ground.  We bundled up and started the trek to the cabin.  Snow had to jump the whole way, as she sunk up to her chest.  If we could stay on top of the snow, it was easier going, but breaking through it was over knee deep on me.  It was an adventure.

When we finally got to the cabin, all of the snow had fallen off the roof in front of the door.  Snow removal equipment will be in order!  After a bit of hot chocolate, relaxing and just being, we began the trek back to the car on the highway.  Short, sweet, and satisfying.