Feträ Under Quarantine

It has been quite awhile since any of us has ventured to the farm.There were some trips last summer ( sadly, undocumented) and then the start of a new job. Although the new job brought promise of more time spent in the woods, the reality of needing to learn new things made last fall a whirlwind of activity, centered in the city.

With the warmth of spring in the air, anticipation of more frequent visits fills our hearts. The talk starts to turn to things we want to get done and list start to fill. The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic has put our plans into a holding pattern. With a shelter-in-place order, we have found that our plans for the spring have now turned to dreams for next year. Plans undeniably need to shift, as the hopes of getting a garden planted early enough for a harvest start to wane. Prepping the soil in anticipation of next year may be as far as we get with a garden. Thoughts focus around the sauna now, as having a cleansing and healing spot in the woods seems more important than ever.

As a pleasant spring thunderstorm rolls through here, my thoughts can only turn to the sights, sounds, and smells of this same storm at Feträ. I have always believed that as much as we have plans for Feträ, she also has her own plans for us, and her isolation during this time must be what she needs.

Until another tomorrow…peace.

First Winter Visit

The call of Feträ was just too much, and it had been far too long since a visit, so we decided that a quick day trip was in order.  We were not sure how much snow there would be, or the condition of the road, but the sun was shining and Feträ was calling.

Upon arriving, we had to park on the highway, as the road had not been plowed and there was several feet of snow still on the ground.  We bundled up and started the trek to the cabin.  Snow had to jump the whole way, as she sunk up to her chest.  If we could stay on top of the snow, it was easier going, but breaking through it was over knee deep on me.  It was an adventure.

When we finally got to the cabin, all of the snow had fallen off the roof in front of the door.  Snow removal equipment will be in order!  After a bit of hot chocolate, relaxing and just being, we began the trek back to the car on the highway.  Short, sweet, and satisfying.

Giving Thanks

This year, on the day after Thanksgiving, the Kuchenmeister’s headed to Feträ to spend Black Friday the best way we know how, outside at the farm. The first order of business was to explore the new addition. There was not much snow yet, but enough to provide nice accents (and snowballs). Some new fairies were added to keep watch and play when we are not there. 

Earlier in the fall Elissa commented on the lone pine tree growing in the field and how it was a perfect Christmas tree. The wheels were turning and we both knew that a new tradition would be coming, and it would involve decorations. We all worked in the winter chill to get the lights and bulbs on the tree. Another trip will be needed to see the tree at night, as the solar lights only come on when it is dark enough. 

The end result was approved by the queen Fairy and her guardian, Snow. 

Happy Holidays!

The Kuchenmeisters

First fall

As the days grow shorter and the nights tempt frost, Feträ glows with the beauty that the changing seasons provide. With school and all of its activities in full swing, we have all missed spending time up here. Several weeks back we hosted Dad, Tom, Karl, And Cathy for a day. 

Stories and talk around the fire, bratwurst and other snacks, and a nice hike through the woods made for a joyous day. Karl brought his drone and got some great aerial photos.

 Nights in the tent got rather chilly, so as a temporary solution we invested in an old RV.

 With the help of a propane heater, the nights were more comfortable, but the longing for a nice little cabin is greater than ever. 

Snow is not far off, and more good news is in the works. 

Founders Day

On July 19, 2016, Feträ was officially founded. After signing all of the papers in New Richmond, Wisconsin, we headed north to Feträ to celebrate.  We had a nice picnic in a clearing in the woods.