Winter Wonderland

Deep in the snow.

We have had a BUNCH of snow in Minnesota. Elissa and I decided to venture out to Feträ to put up some more insulation. Since the city has not plowed our road much in the past, we figured we would be hiking in from the county road, about a quarter mile. We got some snowshoes, I packed up the new toboggan from Northern Toboggan and hit the road. Much to our surprise, the road was plowed. We were still very thankful for the snowshoes and the toboggan as we hauled the insulation to the cabin.

Pulling the toboggan with snowshoes.

The weather was beautiful!

Angel Tree.

We both ventured into the woods a bit to enjoy the peacefulness.

A snowy woods.

It was a magical day that neither one of us wanted to end.

The creek never freezes.